Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Say "Ahhhh!"

Einey's mouth is feeling MUCH better!

I took Ein to the vet yesterday for his mouth wound.  His condition had not improved, he was still crying and very uncomfortable, and his throat felt swollen.
The vet prescribed antibiotics and figured out a Ein-sized dose out of Perri's remaining "spay Tramadol".

I have a new dog!  Even that evening, Ein was perking up...chewing his me kisses...he had the spring back in his step. :)

I wrote this post, "Sticks - Not Fun Anymore", in Team Unruly.  I wrote it because I am absolutely through with throwing sticks for my dogs.  They may find them in the woods and chew on them.  But I will only be playing fetch with balls and frisbees from here on out.  And I am also looking into buying one or two SafeStix to see if the pups like them.

And, some Rally-O goals for Ein ...

1.  Since he is feeling better, we will be doing the Rally-O Open Gym at K-9 Gym this Saturday.  I want Ein to have a positive experience in a noisy rally course before his trials in March!

2.  We need to start over again with "Stand".  I think that our cue has been "poisoned".  Ein's Stand has always been unreliable at best, but was clear to me this weekend that he is not certain what I mean when I say "Stand".  So many times I have said the Cue and he has stood and quickly sat.  He may think that is what the cue means.  I will be re-working "Stand" with shaping and a whole new word (I just don't know what that word is yet.)  I wish that Ein was not terrified of the Clicker.

3. We must get a Left Pivot.  Perch work is very difficult for Ein, but I know that once the light bulb goes on, it will stay on.  I just have to be persistent and upbeat.

4. Walking Backwards.  Enough said.  We cannot progress to LV3 or Rally Excellent without this!

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