Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Agility with my Crazy Girl

Rich Knecht Photography

I ordered these two photo prints from this weekend's trial!  Isn't my girl spectacular?

It really became clear to me on Monday's night's agility class how far Molly and I have to go.  I was feeling really down in the dumps, but then I got "to thinking" that we have already overcome some hurdles. And we will overcome even MORE hurdles in time.

The Good -
*Molly no longer refuses tunnels.
*Molly no longer bites or humps me when she becomes frustrated.
*Molly no longer blows me off and zooms.  She may run to something that I don't want her to, but I blame that on my confused handling.  And she recalls back to me fairly well.
*Molly rarely blows contacts.

The Bad-
*Molly runs around jumps.
*I am a horrible handler.  I am a flailing, sprinting mess.  I need to fix myself.  Molly is very tuned into me and also a very snap-reactive dog, and fast to boot.  Any wrong movement and she's zipping off in that direction.
*Molly sometimes just wants to do her own thing.  I am not sure if this is the excitement of being on an agility course, or simply me unknowingly
*Molly skips weaves.

The Ugly...I mean, the Plan!
*We will practice on our new homemade jumps (thank you, Husband Vince!)  There are countless handling exercises available online and I plan to take advantage of them.
*Take advantage of the Novice courses at the K9 Gym, bonus agility time during the week!
*Continue trialing!  I was so encouraged by this past weekend's trial and it made me feel semi-capable.  I liked seeing my dog improve over the weekend's time, and I would like to continue that.
*Practice, Practice, Practice!

Rich Knecht Photography

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