Friday, March 1, 2013

Graduation Night!

Last night Perri finished her Beginner Obedience class!  She got her diploma (and her first official ribbon!) as well as a bag of treats commending her for perfect attendance.  My girl is no slouch!

The class itself was fun.  It was a wrap up of all of the exercises and behaviors that we have taught our dogs to date.  There were also games: "musical towels" (heeling around a circle of towels and finding one to sit your dog on when the whistle blows), puppy push-ups (rapid fire sits and downs), and a "real world" set up (serpentine weaves through trash cans, sitting beside a chair with handler, and politely sitting while greeting a friend.)  Perri won a pink cheeseburger for that!

What's next?  We are joining the Obedience Club and will be entering their Novice prepare for Perri's future Companion Dog title!

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