Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Perri! (Grooming Table to Appalachian Trail)

Perri turned one year old today, and what a birthday!

We started off with a bath and blow dry to prepare for being a grooming demo dog for Pet Bath and Beyond groom shop at "Pawsabilities", an expo-type event for pet lovers.  Perri was scheduled for an afternoon demo.

Perri and Daphnee having a poodle conversation.

Telling people about grooming poodles.

Perri was good on the table.  She did not search after me or jump around too much, I was really happy to see that.  She had some normal puppy dog moments (she is only a year old after all!), but was truly a good girl.  All of the groomers were so kind to me, and I got a lot of good advice on topknot scissoring (such a scary part of poodle grooming!).


Before leaving, my friend insisted that we do some pink dye on Perri.  She got her forepaws dyed pink and had a heart spray painted on her hip.  She officially looked like a My Little Pony!  She also got a lovely purple feather woven into her ear hair.  ALL OUT!

You can see the woodsy tone of those last few photos?  That is because after Pawsabilities we headed off to meet another friend of mine for a hike on the Appalachian Trail!  This 1.9 mile section has been on my to-do hike list for quite some time. (today's hike connected two much larger sections of the AT that I had hiked in the past.)
The weather was absolutely gorgeous with blue skies and I was able to hike in a t-shirt.  Heaven!  The 3.8 out and back miles went quickly, and there were three beautiful vistas to gaze off of as the evening came in.

Ein and Perri at the famous 501-Shelter.

Kimmel View.

Paula and PJ, navigating Rocksylvania.
Fisher Lookout.
Happy PJ!  (Perri just couldn't even stand PJ. She would get close to him and then spring backwards. Silly girl!
Turn Around Point.

Needless to say, I have a couch full of very quiet and sleepy dogs.  Just the way I like it!  

Perri has a Canine Good Citizen test scheduled on March 23rd.  And now that she is a year old, we can also start looking for a TDI test.  I would love to start doing therapy visits with her within the next few months, if not the next two!  My Little Poodle. 

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