Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rescue Transports - Hannah and Puppies

With all of this weekend's trial and birthday excitement, I neglected to share the sweet little rescue transport that I helped with on Thursday.

Owner surrendered nursing momma dog and her litter of puppies needed to get to foster with Pregnant Dog Rescue.  This transport was absolutely out of my way, but I had the afternoon off...weekday transports are hard to fill...and why not?

I am going to just melt down into photos, because there was SO much cute in my car it was just about unbearable.


The white faced puppy with black spotty nose who I officially wanted to hide in my pocket and keep forever.  SO cute.

And Momma Hannah, not to be forgotten.  She had a stressful ride.  She got carsick, and was in perpetual anxiety about why she was being shuttled around and Hey! Wait! stay away from my puppies.

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