Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Mr. Einey so Finey!

I am not really sure how my little corgi puppy is 8 years old today.  I now have a distinguished, white faced gentleman with lipomas and arthritis.  He eats glucosamine for breakfast every morning and gets a Rimadyl after hikes.  This aging thing, it's not so fun.

But something cool that has come with age is that Ein is becoming more confident, accepting humans, and learning to work through his social anxiety.  His 7th year was the year of Rally Obedience, and that sport has given him more confidence than anything else that I have tried to date.

Here's to our 8th year!  We will tone down the hikes, work towards championship and high level Rally-O titles.  More often than not of late, when I am headed out to go somewhere fun, Ein gives me a mental wave off from his cozy spot under the desk.  When you head into your Golden Years, you get to choose your fun instead of taking everything that comes your way, right?  Thank you, Ein, for being my best wee red dog.

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