Saturday, April 13, 2013

100th post - Backyard Agility Fun Photos!

Two posts today!  And this is my blog's 100th post, woohoo!

The second post is to share some fun agility training photos that I took after we got home from swimming.  I was working Molly on jump to weaves and she was doing really great - so of course I wanted to take some photos of her jumping!

(I noticed that if I took Molly over the jump and just ran to the weaves, she would not enter them properly.  If I cued her "Weave!" as soon as she was about to land from the jump, she would enter them properly every time.  Hm!)

Oh jumping?! I love jumping!

This was NOT easy to get!

And Perri got her time with practicing jump work... getting a photo with her was near impossible because she has only the foggiest concept of jumping at this point.

Still.  Delightful.

And before all that Perri and I did heelwork and sits and downs in Petsmart.  She managed a one minute sit-stay with no break.  A 2.5 minute down-stay with no break!  That was even with a cart rolling within six feet of her, followed by several people.  She started doing her "I am trying SO hard not to get up!" twitches, so I returned to her early.  End on a good note.  It was her first time doing that in a busy weekend pet store, and I was very happy!

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