Saturday, April 13, 2013

Swimmy Girls!

The weather is getting warmer and that means it is time for swimming!  Today I had some errands to run so I took Molly and Perri along with me and we stopped at French Creek State Park on the way home.  I found a quiet little corner of Hopewell Lake and let the chuck it ball fly!

Perri has not shown a lot of interest in swimming - but now that she is over a year old I am hoping that the warm weather will encourage her to be a water dog.  The added "peer pressure" of Molly being a hard core water dog will be super helpful!
I was pleased that she went out swimming more than a few times today.  All voyages were short and sweet, but I was on shore praising her like mad.  She even stole the ball from Molly and I on one occasion!


Swimming is SCARY!
Lots of work!
Better off observing Molly from shore...
Back in!  That Molly is a lot of work to moderate...


Shakey Poodle
Jumpy Poodle!

Hey!  Quit taking pictures and throw my ball!
Looking forwards to summer and lots more swimming!

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