Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ridley Creek State Park

The day of Ein's last APDT trial, I took him and Perri on a hike at Ridley Creek State Park. This park is one fairly local to me (in comparison to those two plus hours away) and I had been saving it for a time when I was close to it. Normally I love a good hike, but on this particular day I was tired and did not enjoy myself. I think of it as the "NQ" of State Park or Bust! hikes.

My first mistake was hiking a popular state park on a pretty spring weekend day. There were people everywhere. The parking lot was crowded, with plenty of cars driving here and there. There was a big mansion and stable area that I did not even explore. I feel awful about that, because my normal PA State Park goals are to hike a few miles and be sure to visit the highlight areas.

I did hike a few miles. I also got sort of lost. I only found one geocache. I was bored at this park. The area that I hiked was just unremarkable woods, congested with too many people and not enough interesting sights. Maybe I am just spoiled from the many other gorgeous hikes that I have been lucky enough to enjoy.

Poorly composed mansion photo.
Lumpy tree.

No one wanted to pose for a photo.

Could almost imagine that I was on the Appalachian Trail.

That's it.  Nothin' more to see here.

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