Friday, April 5, 2013

Beginner Novice Hopeful.

Sunday is the day!  Perri's first attempt in the Beginner Novice obedience ring.  I am seeing heeling patterns, figure 8's, and sit-stays in my sleep!

We have also been finishing each practice session with a one minute sit-stay and a three minute down-stay.  We don't have to do that for the Beginner Novice ring, of course, but our Novice A debut is (hopefully) just around the corner.

And not to sideline Ein, he will be attempting his first Rally Excellent leg.  I have some concerns - this is an outdoor show and Ein can be goofy outdoors.  He can be goofy with his Stands.  He also does his  moving backup crooked more often than straight.  

Ein and Perri's ring times are maddeningly close together on the catalog and it is making me neurotic.  I want plenty of time to warm each dog up and enjoy myself.  Here's hoping!

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