Friday, April 26, 2013

Ruff Guide to the United States

I suppose that it is a bit premature to be excited, but I *am* excited.  I was contacted by somebody at about a book that they are publishing!  The book will be called Ruff Guide to the United States (365 of the BEST Places to take your dog in all 50 states).

The reason that I was contacted was because the Appalachian Trail will be one of those 365 best places and they asked me for permissions to use two different photos that I have taken of Mr. Ein out on the AT.  How cool!

The book will be finished by June and I am told that I will be receiving a free copy in the mail.  I sure do hope that they use one of Ein's photos!
Ein and I are so bonded by hiking, it is his and our favorite thing to do together.  It was heartbreaking for me to leave him behind for a long trip this past weekend, and sad at best for me to see arthritis creeping in to his old body.  To see him as the dog "promoting" the AT would be a summary of the most awesome Trail Dog that I will probably ever have.

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