Saturday, April 6, 2013

Vito Goes Home!

Vito and I went on the best road trip of his life today...we went to meet his new family!

He snuggled on my lap for a little while.
Took a nap.
Took a super nap!

Vito's tail went into a wagging blur when he saw his new people, and I handed him into his daddy's arms while his mommy kept exclaiming how CUTE he is.  Vito was all, "Don't I know it?"
I am SO happy for Vito.  He is going to be spoiled rotten and live the good life, just like he deserves.

It's weird to not have my little chihuahua donut curled up next to me, or trying to steal my food, but I do not feel sad.  A foster dog is a lot of work, and my lifestyle was not suited for the emotional needs of a chihuahua.  I was simply not home enough for Vito - and knowing that he has gone to an absolutely perfect situation makes me completely happy and at peace.  Puppy mill to the lap of luxury - GO VITO!

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