Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Good to Go!

Molly and I paid a visit to our favorite vet this evening.
The shifting foreleg limp that Molly had shown last Thursday was gone, but I stuck to my guns that I wanted her vet-checked.

Waiting our Turn.
The vet techs remarked on how calm Molly was.  Huh.  When did that happen?

The vet felt Molly all over, took her temperature, manipulated her forelegs and neck.  Nothing remarkable in her exam.  We talked about ticks, tick bites, tick bite paralysis.  We talked about Lyme.  We mutually decided to not do a Lyme test - Molly is vaccinated against Lyme and a Lyme test is not very reliable.  He did not feel that Molly's symptoms indicated Lyme.

The 'diagnosis' is that she is absolutely hard on her body and that she is straining or "tweaking" her neck while playing ball, hiking or running agility.  We decided against x-rays and Rimadyl/Tramadol.  He suggested that Molly be given an adult-strength asprin the day before or of agility practice or trials and said that putting her on a regular regime of glucosamine couldn't hurt either.  And we will keep an eye on her.

I am happy with how tonight went, and I am happy that my girl's limp is gone.  I am leaning towards taking her to a well spoken of canine chiropractor that practices in the area.  I think that a little preventative maintenance would be a good thing for my bull in a china shop.

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