Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday is the new Friday!

This weekend was a lot of hard work for the dogs!  Snoozing in crates, barking at other dogs from within, winning titles... And not to be forgotten, Molly has been resting a shifting foreleg limp that she has had since our hike on Thursday.  She seems to be feeling better, but I have been watching this limp come and go for the past few weeks either very subtle or outright lameness, so she will be getting a check up at the vet tomorrow evening as well as a Lyme test.  My agility dog needs to be kept sound and better safe than sorry.

Perri and I practiced her heelwork in the yard, off lead.  I am revisiting clicker training to shape Perri's heeling and focus and she did well tonight.  (versus verbal markers).
It was very humid, though, and Perri got hot and panty before long.  I decided that after all of the dogs' hard work, they deserved to have some fun.  Out with the baby pool!

Ohhhh this thing is GREAT!

Can't catch me!

Ein took a few delicate sips, but otherwise avoided the action.

Unfortunately this is all a very normal sight to be seen...

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