Monday, May 13, 2013

Official Pitbull Agility Collar

Behold, Molly's new agility collar!  I don't like fussing around with removing a collar before runs, and the slip lead that I was using was leaving red marks on Molly's neck.  I saw this nice padded slip off collar/leash combo and knew that we had to have it.

Of course we gave it a test drive in agility class tonight, and it's confirmed - it was a good purchase!  

Speaking of agility class - we did three jumpers courses this evening.  I always have Molly's jump run out tendencies to think about, and between that and the fact that Molly was under exercised, I didn't have much hope for success.  Boy, was I wrong!  Molly tore up those courses with no jump run outs (could be that I am finally learning when to push her and when to pull away and steer my body...finally!)
and drove through the line of weave poles.  Faster, faster, faster!  

There was also a spot in the last course where we had to wrap our dog around a jump.  I have never learned to do that properly and tonight my instructor A) Showed me the correct way, B) Explained what happens when the wrap is done the WRONG way, and C) suggested I work on it at home.
Since I NQ'd a snooker run by wrapping Molly improperly at the last trial, I very much appreciated tonight's lesson.

P.S. We are going to try to play USDAA agility for two weekends coming up soon, and Molly will be jumping 22" instead of her normal 20".  We ran a course at 22" tonight and Molly handled it perfectly fine.



  1. Yay Molly!!

    Aw, darn it, I think my first comment got eaten by the Internets.

    Anyway: (1) would love to know what you think of the difference between CPE and USDAA in our area; I have talked to a couple of other competitors who run in both venues, but they're not local and I think regional differences may accentuate some of what they've told me; and (2) maybe I should take an agility class with Pongu, just so I get some traction on his so-frustrating jump runout issues. At this point I've spent enough money on entry fees for NQ'ed runs that I could have easily paid for a couple of agility classes instead. :p

    1. 1) I am so nervous about USDAA because I have heard it called "border collie agility" and that the people can be snobby. I know I should not think that way, and I am eager to see for myself what sort of crowd will be there. I have certainly encountered some snobby people in CPE already! 2) Well I always think that agility is a good idea :) Either that or a private lesson or two with a good obedience/rally instructor that could really assess the "Why's" of his jump runout issue.