Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rally-O is more fun with Friends!

After watching AKC Rally-O at this past weekend's trial, my friend Donna thought that she might like to try it and that Luna would really enjoy it.  Say no more!

Perri, Ein and I went over to Donna and Luna's for a fun training session and playdate (the dogs did the playing, the humans did the Rally Sign Learnage.)

It seems weird to show somebody else Rally-O, and to be the one explaining the rules and signs.  Seems like just yesterday I was so confused that I could barely see straight!  And it was FUN.  I sure am enamored by Obedience and kept on my toes by agility - but Rally-O holds such a special place in my heart.  I love it.

We went over the signs in speed fashion and then I set up a course.  Then another.  And another.  They weren't smooth or professional, just enough for all of us to enjoy and have fun with.  (I had plain sheets of paper weighed down with clothespins.  Hey, it got the job done!)  

We took turns doing the courses and both dogs seemed to really enjoy themselves!  

The girls frolicking while I set up the next course.

I walked the first course with Ein, but he was acting a little strange and spazzy.  Dogs have pottied in the grass yard at some point within the last thousand years and that is just Not Acceptable.  

Meanwhile, Ahna kept an eye on everything.  Ahna is 8 years old and has a crippling autoimmune disease.  She still wants to be part of the action, though.  She hobbled around with her frisbee and would lay down in the middle of the course, alternately making adorable gurgling noises and chewing on her frisbee.  She was a good "judge"!

This is a good time to mention that Perri will be making her Rally-O debut at the end of the month in World Cynosport Rally!  (I do not think that I will do AKC Rally with her.)  I have been back and forth on starting her in Rally, but I am going to do it.  I think that it will help her in-the-ring heeling rather than hurt it.  Not to mention that I am just downright excited to do rally courses with my girl.  Since Ein could potentially earn his ARCH at this trial, I had wanted to keep the focus all on him - but ultimately decided that Perri could use the practice and fun.  It certainly won't take away from Mr. Ein!

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