Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rip Van Periwinkle BN!

Perri completed her Beginner Novice title in AKC Obedience today with a 183/200 and 4th Place!

The show was indoors, and I thought that that would help with her focus.  Not so much.  I had my friend take a video, so I won't go on about all of the details.  We lost 9 points on the Figure 8, and as you can see...the Open class in the neighboring ring was doing Sits and Downs.  Perri was more in the mood to watch that than to pay much close attention to me.  Can you blame her?  All of those people?

And a whack on the nose on my end, look at that double command for the recall!  (Verbal and hand/body signal.)  Bad handler!  The judge reminded me that this would have been an NQ in Novice, and to watch that in the future.

I have to say that I have had nothing but a positive experience working towards Perri's first Obedience title.  All three judges that we have showed under were very kind and willing to explain areas that I was confused about, and they never made me feel stupid, or like I had no business being in the Obedience ring.  I felt welcome.  I was congratulated by other handlers, people that I didn't even know, not just friends.  People were genuinely happy for me when I did well, and were also willing to answer any questions that I had.

I look forwards to working towards Perri's Companion Dog title in the Novice A ring.  We start in June!

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