Saturday, June 8, 2013

Poodle Day

Perri has had a busy day!

We practiced Obedience in Petsmart...with meatballs.  In front of a glass-walled doggie daycare.  To say that the eight dogs running around behind the glass was a distraction is an understatement - Perri could barely think straight!  She very much behaved as she has in Obedience trials in the past: staring at Distractions, lagging, and not sitting at halts.
Discovering this distraction was sort of like a gold mine - at last a place that I can practice heeling with Perri that reproduces her poorest behaviors. (she works well at parks and other Petsmarts.)
The downside is that we are going to try the Novice ring tomorrow, so I am feeling more than a little bit nervous about that.  I had felt like we were making some progress on our heeling, but today showed me that regressing is a huge possibility.  Ah well.

And then Perri and I spent about two hours grooming: ear plucking, full body groom, and bath.  She looks much better!  I cut her ears down very short - the long hair is very pretty but also comes with mats and lots of brushing.  We need a break for the summer.

Stupid Baths.  Stupid Clippers.  Stupid Standing Still.

And then I took that photo on the right...and had to make a collage.  Because Perri is so GROWN UP now.  Wow.

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