Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Proper Sunday

I had big plans of an epic 12-miler on the Appalachian Trail today.  Beautiful weather!  I wanted to finish the PA AT in 2013 and I am woefully behind!
And then I just didn't.  I had lots to do at home and was entirely too cozy sipping coffee in my pajamas while browsing the internet in the morning to be coerced onto the trail.  Ah well!

When you start your day waking up to this...

You don't stand a chance!

I spent much of the morning cleaning my house in preparation for the coming week and doing other responsible things.  Perri and I also played with her dumbbell and all related Retrieve Class homework.

In the afternoon my husband suggested we get the dogs out for a hike, so we drove out to St. Peter's Village (one of our favorite places to hike.)  The village small and full of tiny shops and eateries and is just generally adorable.  There was a band playing out on the deck of one of the restaurants and they could be heard through the hiking trails until we walked really far out.

The place is full of really fun and well done graffiti.  At one area there was a flat rock with a checkerboard and painted rocks placed onto it as the pieces.  Very fun.  There is something new everytime that I go there - I had never seen this dinosaur rock before!

Obligatory "three dogs posed on a rock" photo!

With that done I collected a toasted marshmallow mocha for a treat and we headed back home.  I decided to put in some work on Perri's weave poles before heading ot the grocery store.  I opened a narrow channel for Perri and she was pretty good.  When I closed the channel slightly, she struggled but worked through it.  We ended on a good note.
I did not ask her to pose for this photo, she does it all on her own.

I rounded off the day by baking the dogs some Honey Cranberry Oat Cookies and they LOVED them.  I wrote a baking photoblog for Team Unruly and it will be posted this Friday, so STAY TUNED.

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