Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rescue Transport - Fritz/Max/Bingo

It has been since April since I have done a rescue transport, wow!
Today's three lucky dogs were all from Ohio and heading to Almost Home Rescue.

This is Fritz, eight months old and such a love - he was abandoned when his owners moved away and neglected to take him with them.
He is a "leaner" like Molly, either that or crawling between my legs while I was trying to walk.  He had zero interest in peeing or pooping at the rest stop and apparently not the stop before.
We were not out of the parking lot before I heard a very wet sound and smelled urine.   Oops!
Hey, I'm sure it was a hectic day for him.  
Fritz is available for adoption, click for his page!

This is Max, two year old hound mix - he was a stray.   Max was definitely the calmest of the three dogs and had those soulful hound eyes that totally melt your heart.   His expression reminded me a lot of my sister's sweet beagle.
Max was a good rider and totally coopertive.   While the other two were wrestling at the drop off site, Max was happy to pose for adorable photos like this!
Max is available for adoption, click for his page!

Last but not least, Bingo.  10 months old and this was the most still photo I had of him - gotta detain the youngsters for static photos!
He was also a stray, found in a nursing home parking lot.
Bingo is available for adoption, click for his page!

We dropped the pups off with a nice volunteer from Almost Home.  Before she left we chatted about dogs and let Bingo and Fritz burn off a little energy in a wrestling match.   How cute!

When he wasn't playing, Fritz loved laying like this in the grass.


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