Monday, October 14, 2013

Trough Creek and Warriors Path State Parks

The dogs and I have returned from three days in Southcentral PA spent with my mom and sister, and that put me into a location that renewed my range of "day trip distance" PA State Parks!

On the first day Glenna and I visited: Trough Creek (a revisit, this is a beautiful park with some cool sights and I wanted to share it with Glenna!) and Warriors Path State Park.

The "Balanced Rock" is one of the park's main boasts and it is definitely very interesting.  Here it is as seen from the parking area.

Suspended Bridge.  I love these things!  Haven't crossed one since our trip to Glen Highland Farm.  Perri was apprehensive but took the bridge with little fuss.

Rainbow Falls!  The last time I was here (in 2009.) the falls were dried up and that was Very Disappointing since who doesn't love a waterfall?  

The climb to the Balanced Rock!

Beautiful weather!

It is pretty enormous!  Thankfully it didn't fall on top of us.
Doin' what it does best.  Balancing!

Mine and Glenna's visit was very abbreviated but there are lots and lots of trails in this park and they are all worth seeing!  (the park's websites says there are twelve whole miles.)  There is also a "Cool Cave", which is like a year long natural refrigerator and it is only one of two that I have ever seen personally (the other one being on the Conestoga Trail, but that's another story for another time.)
And if you aren't even convinced to go see Trough Creek State Park, you should know that it is just right close to Raystown Lake and there are even MORE trails and fun naturey recreational opportunities there.  
And by the way, the last time I was at Trough Creek it was one of Molly's very first Baby Hikes so just look at the cuteness...

And then we were Off! to the next state park.   I had six parks lined up for my little vacation and Warriors Path State Park was the very first.   It was underwhelming I am sorry to say.   It probably was not a good thing to go to Trough Creek first but oh well.
Warriors Path is a decent little day use area with a few miles of hiking trails and a river-launch area.   The bathroom was filled with bugs and I mean swarm-levels.   Still, I can count it as visited and done thank you very much.

River Trail.

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