Monday, October 7, 2013

DTCCC CPE Agility Trial!

Super proud of Molly at this past weekend's CPE Agility trial!  We had some NQ's, some crazy moments, some great moments, some zoomie moments!
As ever, maps and videos!

Fullhouse Level 4, First run of the weekend and she was CRAZY!!   I wanted to start with bottom right jump to tunnel to weaves (ha.) to double to tunnel and then play with a wider circle of jumps tunnels, tire.   We did some version of that but Molly added a bonus Aframe with no contact, so...   Hey, she had fun and we Q'd with 26 points (we needed 23 for Level 4.)  This was our first Level 4 Q, yay!!

Colors Level 3, we NQ'd this one!   I chose to do the circle course and did a lead out over the first two jumps.  That worked fine except she ran out around the third jump and took the fourth one and gave us an Off course fault.  Everything else went well (woohoo Aframe contact!) and I was altogether happy with her.   Those stinking jump run outs are still getting us though!

Jackpot Level 3!  I was groaning over that gamble.   Molly always sucks right to me like a magnet and I often have a hard time sending her back out over jumps past the gamble line.   That gamble jump was looking pretty far away to me.   I planned to play around in the opening with the line of jumps coming up from the left and to get some teeter, aframe and tunnel action.   I wanted Molly to take the tunnel first after the tunnel, but she ignored my wishes and took the opposite side of the Aframe.  well, you can see in the video.   But she NAILED the gamble.  Straight out of the tunnel and over the jump without an ounce of hesitation.   Good girl!  Our first Lv3 Jackpot Q!

Standard Level 3, last of the day.  Molly was slow and ignored the 3-tunnel and sniffed the 4-tunnel, almost went in it!  I got her back and we ran the rest of the course okay until the weaves.   She stopped up in front of them and sniffed for what felt like forever and ignored me.   There was harsh sunlight laying right on the weaves and that may have been a factor.  When she finally entered the weaves, she popped out right where a particularly bright patch of sun was laying.   We wasted all of our time.   I finally got her to do them properly and then she ZOOMED up the Aframe and did the rest of the course nicely, but we were way over time so we got a NT.  Oh well!

Next Day!
Standard Level 3.  A fight broke out in the crate area just before we went in.   Molly's mohawk was up and she was doing her donkey howl before we entered the ring.   Uh oh! 
She flew off the start line when I released her, ate the dog walk up and I juuuust got her contact.  Over the 3 and 4 jump and right past the weaves.  I got her back and she nailed them hard and fast, same with the teeter.   There was more craziness, she was totally wild and and erratic but somehow...SOMEHOW! we managed a clean run!    It was not so long ago that when she got into one of her wild moods, we would be doomed.    But we finally got our first Level 3 Standard Q!!  Yay!

Snooker Level 3!  I was actually really excited to try Snooker since we attended a snooker workshop with our club.  And we did it!  My plan went off perfectly although we were .02 seconds from being overtime, whew!  Molly needed 29 points and she got 44, awesome!   I have to admit, I'm starting to enjoy Snooker.  When did that happen?

Wildcard Level 3, our perfect day streak was broken here.  Molly was a little slow and went to greet the judge when it was weave time.    We now have to do two "B" obstacles and one "A" obstacle.   I chose to do the 2B tunnel, 4A tunnel and 10B teeter.    Molly did good but did a diving board off the teeter and I really don't get why she did that, it's been a loooooong time since she didn't ride the teeter down to the ground properly.  Oh well!   I still see such improvement over other times that we attempted wildcard, so much more control and I am happy with my girl!

Jumpers Level 4, I'm glad this one was last of the day!  I didn't have much hopes of all this tricky, precise and tight handling.  All those serpentines with other tempting obstacles so close by!   Well guess what, Molly ran clean with only 2 seconds overtime (so still a Q!)    I was floored that we pulled this course off.

All this trial I did Molly's shoulder and neck stretches.  She stayed sound.  No limp!  I am very pleased with this.
Another great thing is that I brought Perri along with me for both days.   Perri needs all the confidence boosting opportunities that she can get, and agility trials are a great place for that.   Perri met lots of people, listened to a lot of noise, worked on the pratice jump, and stayed quiet in Ein's zipper crate the whole weekend!  From a dog that used to pee and vomit all over herself and tear her body apart breaking out of a solid metal crate, I am very proud of her.    "Overcoming Separation Anxiety", Qualifying Score for Perri.   

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