Thursday, March 13, 2014

Molly Muscle Therapy Photos!

Molly had another muscle therapy session today, and I worked up the nerve to break out the SLR.  Thankfully Michael does not mind photography!  The lighting in my living room is very harsh and difficult, so the iPhone just wasn't cutting it.  And I really wanted some good photos of Molly enjoying her session.  Because she really, really does.

Molly always starts out bouncing off the walls with joy.  Willingly hopping onto the table.  It's hard to get her onto her side initially, but she soon settles right in.  Then begin the groans of pleasure and relaxation from her.  And then it is hard to get her back up!  I cannot stop laughing every time to see my big girl reduced to a puddle of goo.

Not Molly related, but I would like Michael to give Ein an occasional massage, since he is getting older, since his forelegs shake, since he has the Corgi Build.  But Ein definitely has his shyness issue and I don't want it to turn into more stress than benefit in his case.  Today Ein brought M a Nylabone three times, wagged his tail at him and then actually jumped up on him to say hi.  M gives Ein his space and does not force the issue, and we both appreciate that.

So, on with the photos!  Hopefully she will now be primed and ready for Q's at this weekend's round of agility trials!

Can you say relaxed??
Molly's lips are funny to play with!
Really wishing I had pulled the drawstring out of the way, ah well!

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