Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Breaking in the Therapy Poodle

Perri's therapy dog life is going well!  We had our monthly library night last night - only two kids visiting her.  I blame the good weather!  We still heard stories about Bolt the Dog and Jack and the Beanstalk - and cuddles and rapid fire information about two sweet little lives in between. (Perri and I now know that the library owns the very same dinosaur puzzle as the local elementary school.  The more you know!)

And tonight we visited our Wednesday night people that we go to bi-weekly with our poodle friend Daphnee - a gentleman with Parkinson's living in his own home.  He would like a dog but is unable to care for one, so his daughter arranged for therapy dogs to visit him.  Perri likes to sit in his lap and give kisses.  He calls her his girlfriend.  
And after that we go to visit my friend's husband's 101 year old aunt.  She loves to see the poodles, pet their soft hair, fuss over them and give them treats!  I took this little video because their unified tail wags were just way too cute.  She could not get over how each dog waited her turn for a treat!

Tonight's visits makes Perri's 10th therapy visit!  I am so grateful for our work at the library, and I am grateful to Daphnee and Mary for inviting us along on their therapy "jobs" as well.  It is fun to work with a poodle team.  It is fun to learn how to do this work.  How to help children figure out words, how to make conversation with somebody three or four times my own age, or how to hold my tongue and let these aged hands stroke my dog's soft fur in peace and silence.  By the end of tonight, Perri and I were both tired - but I am very very proud of us.

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