Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Feelings

Thank you, Foggy Top Photography.
This photo was taken at the CPE trial last Saturday.  This photo gives me so many feelings.  This photo is a split second product of hours of work, training, confusion, light bulb moments, victories, agony, joy and the rebirth of my girl.  All of those mornings, afternoons, evenings, nights of retraining my dog to weave.  My dog who I spoke aloud over and over, "She hates the weaves.  She can't get entries.  She sneezes more than she weaves."  My dog at a trial doing weave poles with the same crazed driven expression that she wears while coming out of a tunnel.  This is why I do agility, this feeling.  This dog who I never properly trained, who I stressed out at trials when she never knew what I wanted in the first place, this resilient dog rose from the ashes for me when I finally got my act together and taught her what to do in those weave poles.  This naughty dog gave me a million second chances.  Oh, we have to polish our act for sure.  But right there it is, in that photo.  You can't imagine the smile on my face when I opened up this photo on the photographer's page and saw my girl driving and loving those poles.  I could fall over I am so proud of this dog.  

Thank you, Foggy Top Photography. 
I also bought this photo of me doing a rear cross on the Colors run.  I was not brave enough to practice my front crosses on this last line, but the two rears were the perfect choice for Molly.  (Or at least, it felt that way.)  She drives ahead well and reads rear crosses well, which is just about the only way that Molly allows me to wallow in any sort of comfort zone while handling her.

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