Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dog Agility Blog Event - Continuing Education

On Wednesday I participated in my first Dog Agility Blog Event on the topic of "Continuing Education."  I wrote the post over on Team Unruly and I focused on how much we can learn from watching videos of ourselves while training and at trials.  Because it is so true.  If interested you can read the post here.  It is a topic I feel pretty strongly about - we should not feel shy to video and watch ourselves!  Sure it might feel a little weird and embarrassing, but it is better in the long run to watch all of those subtle movements and our dogs' reaction to them.  I love it and I will admit I have become a little bit obsessed with taking videos of our training sessions.  I enjoy creating my own personal feedback and self reflection so much.

Nothing else exciting has been going on this week.  The weather has been dismal, wet and cold so we have been doing a lot of indoor exercise and not much walking.  I finally inflated the large peanut that I bought a month or so ago and got the girls working on it.  To say that they love it is an understatement!  I can't keep them off of it.  Really, I wish that I had as much fun exercising myself as I do exercising my dogs!

Sharing and taking turns SUCKS!

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