Thursday, March 5, 2015

Knowing My Limits

I have been trialing Perri in agility since May 2014.  She progressed quickly through AKC Novice and CPE Levels 1 and 2.  Our green-ness has been catching up to us in Level 3 and especially Level 4 but she is settling really well into being a stable trialing partner and I am very proud of her.

In December I tried to run both dogs in Open JWW.  It was mentally taxing for me.  I do a lot more CPE right now since I am driving hard for Molly's C-ATCH, and Perri is now full-time in the "345C" class of coursework.  That means that I have to run Perri and Molly close together if I wish to run them each in the same game.  They are in different height classes in both CPE and AKC, and any venue that I wish to do actually.   That is a help, but it doesn't seem to be enough of a help for me.  It's not enough mental recovery time and it certainly doesn't solve the problem of doing a walk through for two different-running dogs.

I gave running both dogs in Standard 45C class a try and that was that.  I absolutely can't do both of them in Standard, no way!  I over think and don't like Standard enough as it is (for now.), there is so much intensity in my brain over Standard (what with needing only 3 more Qs for Molly's C-ATCH and all.) so Perri is on CPE Standard hiatus until then.  I had them both in Fullhouse and Wildcard class this past weekend and it's official: I find it totally annoying and un-fun to run both my dogs in the same class, no matter what class.  And I am done doing it for future entries!

Maybe it's that I'm too new to agility trialing.  Or maybe it will forever be a joy-sucker for me.  I like to get my dog's joints and muscles warmed up, I like to do tricks before our run and get my dog focused on me.  I like to not feel rushed.   And I certainly like cooling my dog back down and having the "good dog" meatball party before returning her to her crate to rest again.  Right now I feel like I am spinning us all through the motions too quickly and it doesn't feel like a whole lot of enjoyment.  I see plenty of other people running two or three dogs in one class, it's just not for me.  Not right now.

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  1. Is Molly old enough to veteran in CPE? That would give you a whole lot more time. Aint no shame in going veteran. It'll save her joints lots.