Friday, April 17, 2015

Agility Venues

I am in an odd frame of mind when it comes to planning my agility trialing now that Molly has gotten her C-ATCH.  I certainly love CPE but a lot of the CPE trials we have done in the last few months have been entered out of pure duty to gain Standard legs.  I probably won't do another CPE trial for about two months when my own training club holds their trial in mid-June.

Now without a hardcore agility goal, I am at my leisure to pick the trials I really want to be at.  I know that I love AKC, and I will be doing AKC the two weekends following the PCA Specialty.  There is a CPE trial nearly two hours away that I normally would have been all over.  Indeed I felt that familiar pull of "gotta enter it!" but really, I do not.  If it was closer I probably would.  We will end May with USDAA since it is local.

I can't settle on a venue.  Some people only do one.  I don't know if I will ever be like that, but then again, why should I be?  Right now I like AKC, CPE and USDAA, in that order.  If USDAA did not have trials so local to me, I might not pursue it at all.  I like USDAA but it has that "bunch of different games" factor that sometimes annoys me about CPE, and separating out Regular and Performance class makes for a really long day.  I don't know if I will ever be interested in the tournament classes.

I would like to try NADAC someday, mostly for the Tunnelers class.  ASCA is something I wouldn't mind trying too.

So many options.  One option of how to spend my time I am looking very much forwards to is hiking, camping and swimming and having the self control to not enter so many agility trials!

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