Tuesday, February 7, 2017

DIY Agility Tire

I tackled a quick project tonight as a welcome distraction from all things Molly and lymphoma-worrying....DIY agility tire!

Perri has another USDAA agility trial in less than two weeks and I have no intention of NQing due to tire issues!  Perri and I went to a friend's agility championship celebration party last Saturday and took advantage of the available agility equipment at the party - and made some head way with the tire.   

I really did not want to make a tire frame.   It would have been simple, just some PVC cut to specs and assembled.   But it is one more thing for me to store in my very limited space.  (I just made a pause table, talk about a space-hog!)  

For the tire I got a 10-foot section of drainage piping (in the garden section of the local hardware store.)    I wrestled it into a circle shape and cut the smaller-diameter end with a box cutter, then shoved the small end into the larger end of the piping.   My "tire" was much larger in diameter than I wanted it, but I had done a rough cut just to get it a more manageable shape.   I kept cutting off a few inches of pipe at a time and re-inserting the small end into the large end until I had a 20" diameter.

Yup, that simple.   I could have left it at that but I wanted to decorate it a bit.   I picked up some duct tape in the colors that I wanted, and got to work.

And finally, the lazy-man's agility tire "frame".   I need to get some smaller bungee cords to make latching this thing up onto the jump standards easier but otherwise.... "That'll do, Pig!"

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