Monday, February 6, 2017

Lymph Node Removal Surgery Day

I dropped Molly off at 7:30am for her surgery today.  

She was suspicious when I did not give her breakfast.   Or treats.   And when I let her sit up in the front seat.   When the tech came to take her into the back, I gave her a kiss goodbye.   Molly usually goes pretty happily with the tech.   Maybe it is all of the anal gland expressions, or the surgeries she has had in the last year, or the fact that the last time she went in the back she got a needle stuck into her throat...but Molly did not want to leave.  Maybe she was feeding off of my stress and fear.   I have never felt so apprehensive about a procedure with any of my dogs.   And I'm sure Molly knew it.  Molly started shaking and trying her best to pull away from the tech back to me.   I made it worse, I know, by comforting her and telling her to go with the tech.   It only made it worse, but I could not help myself.

And then I sobbed the entire way to work thinking about how I betrayed her and how frightened she was.   It was so painful.  I just wanted to run away with her, buy a dozen donuts and eat them together and go hiking and swimming for the day.   Screw that surgery crap.

I got a phone call around noon that Molly's surgery was done and she was sleeping.   The work day crept along and finally I was able to pick Molly up.   The vet who discharged us said that Molly had not made a peep all day, but as soon as she saw me she turned it on.   Chattering and whining, she turned the drama up to high.  

Biopsy results in 3 days, most likely.    

Molly also had a very mast cell tumor looking growth on her shoulder.   Her vet and I had chosen to keep an eye on it for any changes, but we both agreed that doing surgery after surgery every time Molly has a MCT is not the best idea.  (I am very protective of Molly's quality of life.)   We assume it is a grade 2 low growth MCT like the other two that were removed last spring.     Since Molly would already be sedated for the lymph node removal, I wanted to take advantage of that and take the other growth off.  It will be sent for biopsy as well.

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  1. I cried reading this. I know the feeling well and I hurt FOR you. I'm glad surgery is over and I'm just waiting for that negative result *hugs*