Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pro Photos from Dauphin DTC Agility

Two more gorgeous photos from Rich Knecht Photography from last weekend's agility trial.   We are heading into another agility weekend tomorrow, there is nothing like that happy feeling of looking so forwards to a few carefree days of agility with the girls!

I also clipped Perri down and trimmed her topknot and bracelets very short, hoping that some more ventilation will help her feel less of whatever she is feeling lately.   Perri had one amazing run and one pokey run in agility class on Monday, so I am still feeling a little unsettled about what's going on with her.   In her defense, we usually bring Molly along and each girl only has to do one training run - and there was also a record low number of dogs in class.   So Perri did not have her usual mental resting time.  She has shown a lot of enthusiasm for working jump exercises in the yard.  Regardless, my job is to watch Perri and keep her best interests in mind, but also not over-fret about it if I expect her to enjoy playing agility with me this weekend.   The last thing she needs is a neurotic partner.  Thankfully we will have our rock, sweet Molly, in attendance.  

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