Saturday, April 22, 2017

Molly does NADAC Tunnelers!

Bucket List.   A list of things to do before you die.

Molly's list was always: compete in dock diving.   Try barn hunt.  Finish CA (lure coursing title).   Play NADAC Tunnelers.   And recently, I added, "Try Fast CAT."

Now, Molly isn't "dying" any time soon but it was high time that we tried Tunnelers!   Enough saying I was going to do it, it was time to make it happen.  

There is not much NADAC in my area, this trial was 70 miles away.  And it was outdoors.  With our trouble over the last two years with outdoor trials and "lure coursing" associations, I was a little nervous.   But since it was all tunnels I thought that even if Molly had a bag brain reaction, tunnels are so reinforcing for her that she would be able to "come back to earth" well enough.

Tunnelers was the last thing of the day, and I arrived at the start of the trial.   We did probably four or five acclimation walks as well as practicing on the practice equipment (a NADAC hoop and 6 weave poles.)   I love  having weaves as a practice option!  Molly was keeping her head and I was feeling great.   I got to watch "Hoopers", "Weavers" and "Barrellers".   The whole handling style seems different in NADAC.   Epic distance handling is key!    

It was finally time for Molly's runs!   There were two rounds of Tunnelers, and everything ran back to back.   The exact same course.   Super speedy!    Of course, all day it had been dreary and cold and it started raining right in the middle of the first Elite round of Tunnelers.   Handlers were scratching their dogs.   I did not think that Molly would care about the rain at all, and there was just no way I was going to not let her run those tunnels!

I have videos of both runs, all compiled here.   I have never made a video with music or any kind of creativity, but I thought today was a pretty special occasion!

Awesome day, Molly.   We even followed a small white dog in the run order on each round.   A small, white dog that might look like a plastic bag whipping around in the ring.   Molly kept her brain and understood that we were not coursing.   So proud of her!

Today was pure joy.   I love you, Molly!

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