Saturday, July 1, 2017

Ein returns to Veterans class!

Ein and I got to return to Cynosport Rally Veterans class today - happy day!   It was so nice to do two Veterans courses and be done, no more Triple Qs!!!  (Can you tell I am happy to be finished with Ein's MX??)

First course for a 210: 

Second course was just as perfect and happy but we lost a point on an out of place finish.   I can still see Ein having some of that generalized ring stress that he had a lot of when we were working on the MX.   I remember the last time that we did a lot of Veterans, that ring stress very nearly disappeared.   I am looking forwards to and hoping for something similar in the future.

Our next trial is with a club that is offering the new Intro course, so I am very excited to see that and learn more about it.    I hope that people enter it!  

Placements in both trials and his Rally Veteran Champ x 4 title!

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