Sunday, July 30, 2017

Molly Advanced Performance Dog!

Yesterday was a very exciting day for Molly!   We ran at a USDAA trial in Standard and Jumpers, Molly needed Qs in both to earn her APD (Advanced Performance Dog) title.   Spoiler alert: she did it!  

We ran in Standard first and then run was very lovely and flawless except some confusion getting into the weaves.   It was not Molly's normal stressy behavior about her weave entry, I wish I had a video.   I think I pressured the entry too much but once she got in she weaved nicely and I backed off and let her do her job.   Proud of us both!   There was a tunnel directly after the weaves and I am pleased that she stayed in and finished them.

Perri also ran the same course and was very weirded out by the trial site and was not comfortable when we entered the ring.   A lot of staring and acting disturbed by Everything.   She has had this issue at this trial site before, so no surprise.   She did a great job and picked up speed towards the end, but unfortunately she was too stressed to weave.

Perri got a run in Pairs and did a really nice job.   She had acclimated a little bit better by then and she did feel comfortable enough to weave this time around.   Unfortunately I was very excited about this and clapped and cheered which meant I was waving the relay baton around.   Perri recoiled in horror and fear, how could I want to beat her in the face after she had weaved for me!?   We recovered quickly and I remembered to put the baton down before picking up her leash, though she was keeping a close eye on it.   We are going to be on a Pairs hiatus until I can work on the baton issues.  

Back to Molly!   We were down to Jumpers now.   I admit, I was very excited and nervous and allowed myself to "want the Q".   I did!   I'm not particularly happy with my handling in Jumpers because I was definitely being defensive and overhandling.   I was also very worried about dropped bars so I was pushing and cheering Molly to drive out so I could do rear crosses (what I am most comfortable with.)   Just a reminder to me about why having Q Brain is not very awesome.   I know Molly and I can run much better than this but it was very kind of her to play along and forgive me being a lunatic.

Truly the most exciting part of this trial was that we got our second height measurement.  What?! Yes, Molly is getting re-measured as I have challenged her height.   We received a CMJ measurement of 20 7/8" mid-June and we received another measurement by another CMJ yesterday at 21".   This means that Molly has two measures putting her in the 22" height class - we are headed towards being able to drop to 16" in Performance!   I am very excited about this.   Molly was always close to that cut off, and with her being older now I thought perhaps there was a chance she might measure under 21" and be able to jump lower.   We are still working on the process and as far as I know, we need another CMJ measure and one more judge measure to make it official...but having the majority CMJ ruling in our favor is very very exciting right now. (and, since we have two CMJs agreeing it may be the end of the process - but I am not sure.)   The future is looking bright!

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