Thursday, April 12, 2018

April USDAA Trial

Last Sunday was my training club's USDAA trial, so I entered Perri in both offered Intro classes (Gamblers and Standard) and I entered Molly in Standard only. Both classes were near to the end of the day, but we spent all day there volunteering.

The Intro classes were back to back, which is not a great set up for Perri and I was mild level fretting about it. We played Gamblers first. Perri was a bit flatter than she was last month when we did Intro. Leash removal went very smoothly and without notice from her. She was still very much playing with me, but with reluctance creeping in there. I was very happy when she had a moment of staring at me that she came right back into the game - that is a victory!

Standard was next. When I brought Perri back into the building she wanted water. I gave her a small amount, since she would be running soon. She became frustrated by this and kept nose and paw tapping the water jug. Then she became sort of sullen and staring into space, ignoring my treats and toys. Perri is a stress drinker so it's hard to say if she was truly very thirsty or just feeling some stress and needed to displace some of it. So with that behavior coupled with having to run so soon after she had already run, I was feeling like maybe I should scratch the run since I was allowing myself to become rattled by "what ifs" about Perri's run. I put on my big girl panties and got in there and tried to make a super flowy plan and I even spent some of our time on a toy throw (and subsequent poodle pouncing and keep away). I wanted to rescue our ring time and gear it totally towards: positive feelings! Right towards the end I asked for a tunnel that she runs by and I see her feeling weird about that but she comes right back and does some nice running (and a scary Aframe fly off). I am starting to not feel great about letting her run the Aframe as she jumps off so high and I don't want her to hurt herself. In any case, it was a nice run salvaged out of some stressy feelings on both of our ends and that is kind of the point!

I have made the decision to do another trial hiatus with Perri. Despite some nice successes on Sunday, I feel like Perri needs me to pull back for a little bit again. I don't want us to hit "rock bottom" of staring in the ring and stressing down completely and having an awful regression that makes me want to drink lots and lots of wine when I get home! We have had a nice month and done some good work, but we both need some time to retreat and think over what both of our needs are as far as trialing goes.

And Molly got to play too! We did only Standard, since she needs three Qs in that class for her MPD. We NQd immediately for a wrong course due to the filthy handler giving dreadfully late turning information again! So mad at myself! It felt like a little bit of a trainwreck after that and she wouldn't weave but overall looking at the video, she was a happy girl and I am truly in "just happy to be here" mode when it comes to getting to run agility with my girl! I did reset her weaves and the second time sort of did a sprint and turned my shoulders to her and clapped and she was like "NU-UH WE HAD A DEAL ABOUT THAT KIND OF NONSENSE FROM YOU, I'M NOT DOIN' IT!" 
Ps. She did weave in training class the next night when I behaved myself :)

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