Friday, June 7, 2019

Western PA State Parks Road Trip Day FIVE (Final Day)

My adventure leaves off on Day 5, at Cook Forest State Park. In the tent. And the temperatures dropped down to below 40 overnight. We did not sleep well to say the least! My bag is rated for lower temps than that, but Zorro was cold. He does not like to sleep under a blanket, so he kept shaking the blanket off. And then being cold. And then getting covered again. You get the idea. I finally got up at 5am and packed the tent up, and loaded the shivering dogs into the car. 

I was tired, hungry and cranky but I decided to check out Seneca Point. A mile or so drive down a gravel road, beautiful vista all to ourselves. The morning was chilly and beautiful and I felt gratitude. I could complain on social media about my cold and sleepless night. But my discomfort drove me to wake up early and visit a beautiful spot in the cool still morning. And I had it all to myself. 

From there it was the drive West down I-80, with random State Park stops peppered in. The first order of business was breakfast, and it was not long until the first stop, Simon B Elliott State Park. This was a small day-use picnic area type park and it was a quick visit.

Very nearby was Parker Dam State Park and this was a much bigger park with lake and campground. I took a short walk with Zorro down the boardwalk to check out the water and let him have a potty break and then back on the road.

From there it was nearly an hour's super scenic drive to our next destination, Black Moshannon State Park. Another lake park. I took some time to do a short hike to a geocache so that the dogs could have some time out of their crates and enjoy some walking.

Back on the road for about half an hour until the next stop, Bald Eagle State Park. This was one of the parks on my travels back home that I felt a little sad that I did not have more time to properly visit. Gorgeous lake park, geocaches and some trails I would have liked to explore It would certainly be a fun place to return to for a camping trip!

In 2013 I visited Sand Bridge State Park and McCalls Dam State Park. Close to those parks was Ravensburg State Park, but juuuust a little further than I wanted to drive on that day trip. I was sure to stop there on my way home this time. This park was very small, day-use area type vibe, but it was the trail head for what looked like some cool hikes.

And the final stop was Milton State Park and it was so very much like a local community park, it was surprising to me that it was a state park! 

And that was it! From there it was the long 3 hour drive home on familiar roads, back in my "territory" of adventuring. This was my longest road trip yet and I made memories I will never forget on the road. 26 state parks total with my grand total being 101/121 parks visited. Getting real close!

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