Sunday, February 17, 2013

Evansburg State Park

I took Ein out on a special just him and me visit to Evansburg State Park today!  Every now and then I like to just bring only the little guy, without the two big girl dogs blasting into him or nipping his butt.  We also played some ball before our walk, and that is another of Ein's favorite things.  When Ein has the ball all to himself, though, it is clear how much he is slowing down and getting older.  Ein used to run after the ball tirelessly, but today he was ready to move on after about ten minutes.

"Whew!  That's enough!"
"Maybe some more!"

"Now really, off to the trail."

Pretty gross.

Not so gross.

But all good things must past.  Lowriding dogs collect mud easily on the belly, and poor Mr. Ein had to get a bath as soon as we got home.  Worth it!

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