Thursday, November 14, 2013

Prissy Transport

My work schedule rearranged at the last moment this week and it left me with Wednesday free.  So when I got an e-mail about a dog needing a ride to La Mancha Animal Rescue, I offered to take her there Wednesday (the rescue is not far from the training center where me and the dogs train, after all.)

Prissy was seized in a hoarder "bust" and turned over to Pregnant Dog Rescue since her abdomen was very swollen.   Once she had settled in, however, the foster realized that she was simply in heat and not pregnant.   Prissy got along well with dogs larger than her, but there were several occasions of attacking the foster's two small chihuahuas.  And since the foster had two mommas with litters and one pregnant dog about to give birth, she was just a *little* bit busy and had no need of the additional "dog drama".

So, La Mancha took her!  I was happy to help get her there.  Another transporter had kept Prissy overnight and she met me in the late afternoon for the hand off.  Prissy did not want to get out of the car, she was afraid.  This is typical of dogs that are in hoarding situations since they receive little if any human attention.  I crawled into the car, picked her up and put her into the crate inside of my car.  She seemed very happy to crawl into a safe and enclosed spot and was quiet for the entire 90 minute ride to the rescue.

La Mancha rescue is a sprawling farm that takes in not just dogs and cats but livestock animals as well.  They keep their dogs in a kennel run and the set up is much like a regular shelter, but the dogs get a whole lot more attention and a relaxed environment when they are walked.  Regardless, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Prissy when I put her into a large cage on the floor.  A dog like her would do best in a foster home.  I was told to look for updates on the Facebook page, and I am sure that the rescue will do right by this little girl.  Hopefully she comes out of her shell and finds the home that she deserves.

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